The Falcon 900 series jet charter is a three-engine corporate heavy jet from Dassault Aviation.  For corporate  travelers who frequently fly across oceans to conduct business, there’s a  certain comfort in knowing your aircraft has three engines, instead of  two.  Another key benefit of the Falcon 900 series is its slow runway  approach capabilities.  As a result, it can  fly to a greater range of hard-to-reach destinations that many of its  class competitors can’t. This makes it a truly versatile jet charter  option among heavy jets. 

The Falcon 900’s top-notch galley houses  everything needed by the discerning luxury traveler to savor multiple  full-course meals while in flight. For added convenience, this luxury  jet also features a fully enclosed lavatory and 127 cubic feet of  baggage storage.



 The Dassault-Mystere Falcon 50 is a three-engine, high performance business jet produced by  French-based Dassault. This "super-midsized" corporate jet is typically configured to carry between 8-10 passengers in impressive comfort and complete with an aft lavatory. Additionally, you can manipulate its seats into almost any position with the touch of a  button.  

The Falcon 50's ample  luggage room has also earned this aircraft plenty of praise. With both  internal and external storage compartments, you can take all of the  travel essentials with you (and then some). In fact, the external  compartment can accommodate items up to eight feet in length.